Micro Tools

Tungsten probe
The most used metal needle shaped   read more>
Tungsten carbide tool
Useful for shaving material, marking on hard material  read more>
Micro Knife
For cutting sample like film  read more>
Glass Tool
For liquid adsorption As nozzle of Vacuum Adsorption Tool Set   read more>
Flex Probe
For extracting a foreign substance through a slit of 50 µm  read more>

Sampling Accessories

Super fine pitch rotator
Thin foil lift-out by precise rotation mechanism  read more>
Milling Pro
Micro precise scraping by attached with manipulator   read more>
Microtweezer Tool Set
Precise grasp without hand or machine-induced vibration  read more>
Electronic Microtweezer Tool Set
Precise grasp using software of AxisPro  read more>
Micro Scissors
Micro cutting under microscope  read more>
Vacuum Adsorption Tool Set
Easy pick-up by adsorption and discharge function   read more>
Micro injector
Equipment to adsorb and release pico-liter liquid  read more>
Electrode Holder
Contact on tiny area of electrode-pad  read more>

Tool for holding sample

Sphere Vice
Leveling surface on fixed sample  read more>
Pocket Vice
Easy use with cube-shaped vice   read more>
Specimen Weight
Possible to hold a sample by weight  read more>
Grip Sheet
Easy setting sheet to hold a sample.  read more>
Tilted Unit
Sample can be mounted  read more>
Probe Bender PB-1
Useful accessory for bending tungsten probe by specific angle  read more>

Other tools

Pinpoint Marking System D-MARK
Pinpoint Mark for small object of sample by easy operation  read more>