Glass Tool

  • ●They are glass “Micro Pipettes”, “Micro Sampling Tools” and “Micro Press Tools”.
  • ●The pipette (5, 10, 20μm) can perform adsorption and movement of a sample with “Vacuum Adsorption Tool Set”, or can perform suction and dropping of a solvent by “Micro injector”. If “Vacuum Adsorption Tool Set” is used, foreign substance and the spherical foreign substance of a fiber type with a difficult pickup can perform the positive sampling without fear of loss.
  • ●”Micro Sampling Tool” with tip inside diameter 2μm is used for the liftout of the thin piece which carried out FIB processing. By using together micro pipettes (tip inside diameter 5μm), and carrying out both-arms operation by micro manipulator, the strike rate of lift out is markedly alike, and improves.
  • ●”Micro Press Tools” is a serious epoch-making tool which can be crushed while sighting the extracted sample. Samples with the thickness which was suffering troubles until now is also made to the thinness which can be analyzed by using this tool by “Axis Pro”.



  • Handling tiny particle
  • Adsorb and release pico-liter liquid
  • ■Vacuum adsorption of a minute foreign substance and a release (about 5μm over)
  • ■A liquid fixed-quantity-draws in and a very small quantity is dropped. (also pico-litter)
  • ■Lift-Out without failure of the thin piece created by FIB (for TEM)
  • ■The pickup of a minute sample
  • ■Thin-piece-izing of an extraction sample (about 1 to 50μm)※Micro Press Tools※


Micro Pipettes (variation)
I.D. 5μm (10pcs) MP-005 Capillary
I.D. 10μm (10pcs) MP-010 Same as above
I.D. 20μm (10pcs) MP-020 Same as above
MP-005/-010/-020 each 2pcs MP-SET Micro pipettes set

Bent type micro pipette

I.D. 5μm (10pcs), bend:15 degrees MP-005-15 For access to a micro-hole,for short W.D. microscope
I.D. 5μm (10pcs), bend:30 degrees MP-005-30 Same as above
I.D. 5μm (10pcs), bend:90 degrees MP-005-90 For FIB lift-out
I.D. 10μm (10pcs), bend:15 degrees MP-010-15 For access to a micro-hole,for short W.D. microscope
I.D. 10μm (10pcs), bend:30 degrees MP-010-30 Same as above
I.D. 20μm (10pcs), bend:15 degrees MP-020-15 Same as above
I.D. 20μm (10pcs), bend:30 degrees MP-020-30 Same as above
Micro Sampling Tools
Tip inside diameter 2μm (10pcs) MST-002 For FIB lift-out
Tip inside diameter 5μm (10pcs) MST-005 Same as above
Tip inside diameter 7μm (10pcs) MST-007 Same as above
Micro Press Tools
A Tip is special processing (3pcs) MPT For samples press
Micro Pipettes Handles
For vacuum pickup MPH Use for manipulator