Grip Sheet

Only by placing quietly, it grips firmly

Grip Sheet:Only by placing quietly, it grips firmly

It is a thin adhesion sheet very convenient when it fixes a sample to the stage of a microscope.
It can remove easily, without paste remaining in a subject, since adhesiveness is not on the grip sheet itself. Since two kinds from which grip power is different are prepared, it can choose according to a subject. Fixation of glass, a wafer, a substrate, a film, and a metal specular surface sample has an effect. Since a sheet is a transparent material, it does not bar the light volume in a transmitted illumination environment required for the foreign substance check inside resin, either. Moreover, by the impact absorption by moderate elasticity, while preventing breakage of a hard tool etc., it can contact soft to a subject.


It can cut in free size with scissors.   The protection film of both sides is removed and it sets to a sample stand.   Only by placing quietly, it grips firmly.


(5 pieces)
HG50-58 For sample simple fixation
Hard 50×80×1mm
(5 pieces)
HG70-58 Adhesion nature is weak.