Isolation of μm-size particles for FT-IR, Raman and SEM

Application Images


Application movies

  • ■Possible to pick up 5μm-size subject and deliver it in 2 minutes.
  • ・Sapmle:Toner of laser printer
  • ・Tool:Tungsten probe
  • ・Application:Picking up and dropping off foreign substance

  • ■Contamination in adhesive material Grasp a subject and delivery.
  • ・Sample:10μm thickness fiber on adhesive tape
  • ・Accessory:Microtweezer Tool Set
  • ・Application:Picking up substance from an adhesive substrate

  • ■Possible to peel and pick up few µm-size subject.
  • ・Sample:Ink on the glass
  • ・Tool:Tungsten probe
  • ・Application:Peeling up and picking up ink on the glass

  • ■Available to pick up only foreign substance without damaging base material.
  • ・Sample:Terminal of printed board
  • ・Tool:Micro Peeler
  • ・Application:Picking up foreign particle from the surface of the electric pad

  • ■Available to expose the target point for pinpoint sampling.
  • ・Sample:Film
  • ・Tool:Ruby Knife
  • ・Application:Scraping surface for expose the sample to the top

  • ■Micro press tools are applicable to expand the dimension and thinner.
  • ・Tool:Micro Press Tool
  • ・Application:Samples press

  • ■ Axis Pro applicable for deburr without making any damage on the base material.
  • ・Sample:End terminal of printed board
  • ・Tool:Micro Peeler
  • ・Application:A few micro level deburr

Product information

Micro manipulator:Axis Pro

Accessory:Microtweezer Tool Set

Tool:Tungsten probe, Micro Peeler

Micro Knife:Ruby Knive

Glass Tool:Micro Press Tools

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