Suitable for welding small electrical wires

MW-2 Micro-spot welder: Suitable for welding small electrical wires

Over the past few years, many customers have asked for the capability to do micro-spot welding.Now we are pleased to announce the MW-2 Micro -spot welding system. This system can be used for a wide range of applications including the preparation of four-terminal electrodes for high pressure measurement.

Micro-spot welding system was developed for small wiring like 30μm wire
Welding conditions can be adjusted to deliver small currents.
Welder delivers controlled current for successful welds.
Energy stored in large capacity capacitor delivered as a pulse current to target.  This produces high-quality welds and reduces the chance of surface flash, and sputtering.

Features of the Micro-spot welding system are below.


・Very short start-up time
・Easy welding of thin films or ultra fine wires
・Small heat effect for sample and electrode
・Ability to weld metals with high heat conductivity

・Capability to weld two different metals


Using the Micro-spot Welder with our Axis Pro manipulator, positioning of the sample and the wire as well as adjustments to contact pressure are very easy.


If you are interested in this system, please free to contact us or your local distributor.


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