Milling Pro
Micro-Milling under microscope

Milling Pro:Micro-Milling under microscope

It is an attachment which may scrape the surface of the resin and other materials to extract particles buried in them.
The accessory can be also used to scrape glass silicon wafer, iron system metal, nonferrous metals and rocks, etc.This type of access has previously been very difficult. While attached to Micro Support’s AxisPro and QuickPro, it is possible to extract foreign substance buried 2 to 300 μm below the surface with visual confirmation on a PC monitor.The milling area and depth can be controlled by software of AxisPro.


  • Cut to depth direction
  • ■Extract embedded foreign substance from resin material
  • ■Planar cutting to exact part of a buried foreign substance (for ATR microscopy)
  • ■Wide range plane cutting by fixed depth(50μm ~)
  • ■Marking of glass, wafer, or a metal sample (for FIB processing)
  • ■Pinpoint cutting of IC package or liquid crystal panel
  • ■Contact with internal defect (sample pretreatment for X-ray microscopy or ruler drawing on an IC chip)

PMMA, Polyimide, Polycarbonate,
Surface of slide glass, Aluminum A5052 Anodized, High-carbon chromium steel



Controller unit85(W)×290(D)×140(H)mm, 3kg
Milling unit φ28×140(L)mm, 0.2kg
Power supply AC100~230V 50/60Hz
Rated power consumption 25VA


Milling Pro
Milling Pro MIL-1 Use for our manipulator
Special tools
Micro Peelers MPE-1M tungsten carbide, tip size 50μm
Micro Peelers MPE-2M tungsten carbide, tip size 100μm
Tungsten carbide Probes CP-M Needle, tip diameter 10μm
Tungsten Probes TP-M Needle, tip diameter 0.5μm
Milling tools set MILT-SET Four above-mentioned kinds of tools were combined.