Quick Pro

Quick Pro is a revolutionary system which can control operations by electric motion.

The work done by the hand can be done surprisingly easily, and work is not tired for a long time either. Because the XYZ three-axes operation can be done with the PC mouse, there is no blurring, and an exact operation can be done. It quickly takes out to use it, and a microscope on hand, the stereomicroscope, and the metallurgical microscope, etc. can be used soon by sideways putting it because it operates without the personal computer. Precise cutting that installs cutting attachment “Milling Pro”(MIL-1), Holding collection that installs “Micro Tweezers”(MTW-1) is possible to do freely. The content of work, the purpose, and frequency, etc. can use it best because it can use it by freely combining with a right and left right hand and the both arms.


  • Cutting and collection of minute foreign body that adheres to tablet of medicine
  • Handling of particle 100μm or less
  • Lift out of FIB collop
  • Collection of foreign body that adheres to film
  • Cutting collection and exposure of foreign body buried on film
  • Micro marking to resin and surface of metal


Manipulators X-axis:20mm Y-axis:20mm Z-axis:30mm
The tool handle(φ4mm) can be clamped.
Stand(Manipulators) Magnet stand
With steel plate(100x100 mm)
※Please consult about other fixation methods.
Electric XY-stage X-axis:100mm Y-axis:50mm
User interface controller 5 Speed adjustment of four stages
10 Position memory function
Jog-drive or Incremental-drive function
PC-mouse operation
Power supply AC100-230V 50/60Hz
Power dissipation more than 350VA


Quick Pro QP-3RH Right arm set
QP-3LH Left arm set
QP-3RLH Right & Left arms
QP-3RLH-EXY Right & Left arms, Electric XY-stage