Simple marking of small object on sample


D-MARK: Simple marking of small object on sample. D-MARK works well on a range of different samples including wafers, resins, and glass.


Marking on the sample is one of the important sample preparation steps for failure analysis.

We recently released a new type of marking system which uses a diamond stylus called D-MARK.



【YouTube movie】


This is the D-MARK desktop marking system before sample analysis.

Observe object under objective lens, and then diamond styles marks the point automatically.

There are several different types of marking patterns including Dot, Cross, Vertical line, Diamond and others.

By using Pulsed mode, damage of sample caused by this system is much less than one caused by Laser making system and there are no debris by the operation of the system.

This system also can make multiple indentations on a wafer chip surface to cleave the wafer.

If you would like to  an example of sample marking, please free to contact us.



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