Tilted Unit

It is an easy setup about an angle of samples

Tilted Unit:It is an easy setup about an angle of samples

It is an tilted unit very convenient for thickness measurement, analysis, etc. of each class, such as a lamination sample.
It can cut to arbitrary angles of inclination easily by fixing samples, such as a film, with a “Grip sheets” and using a “Milling Pro” cutting attachment together. Fine tuning of an adjusted angle is possible by 0.2-degree unit at ±20 degrees. Since specular surface finish of the stage side is carried out at 40 mm x 40 mm, it is preeminent for the degree of adhesion of a sample. Even if it adjusts an angle, the gap of the center of a sample side is designed to become the minimum. Since the circular plate is attached, the direction adjustment of X-Y is possible, with an angle of gradient fixed.


  • Thickness measurement of paints, a toner, etc. applied to paper etc.
  • Cutting of a burial foreign substance
  • The degree of cutting angle is set up and it is thickness measurement of after cutting and double layer material.
  • Plane adjustment of an inclination sample
  • Sampling side of a small hole


Tilted Units for AxisPro TIL-1 The unit for angle adjustment