Tungsten carbide tool
  • ●This probes made from a hard metal are very useful for multiuse, such as cutting, poking, shaving, rubbing, cutting and etc.
  • ●5 μm size probe can cut a tiny area of surface of hard material like metal, a silicon wafer, and glass, and mark targets before FIB processing.
  • ●Since the tip of the figure is flat-head screw driver shaped, “micro peeler” can operate various materials, such as plane cutting on the surface of a polymer material, such as a high barrier film, cutting of buried substance, excision of projective substances, pinpoint excision of IC bonding wire, and a cut of minute wiring.
  • ●“Knife edge” is very useful tool to extract a foreign substance buried in a tablet, nonferrous metal, a rigid plastic, etc.


  • Marking on hard material Possible to mark less 5μm line width
  • Marking on PE resin sheet
  • ■Scraping a surface of resin to search buried foreign substance. (5μm)
  • ■Investigation of surface situation to touch them
  • ■Removal of an unnecessary projective substances for ATR microscopy
  • ■Target marking for FIB processing
  • ■Marking hard materials, such as metal, silicon wafer, glass and etc. (3μm~)
  • ■Removal of the foreign substances adhered and buried on the surface of the electronic device (5μm~)
  • ■Isolation of the buried foreign substance in a flexible substrate
  • ■Plane scraping little by little, while observing a projective substance. (10 to 100μm)


Hard-Metal Tools (usage)
Probes, tip diameter 5μm (5pcs) CP-005 Marking of a hard sample, etc.
Micro Peelers (3pcs) MPE-1 for cutting material such as resin and glass, etc.
Micro Peelers-Medium (3pcs) MPE-2 for cutting material such as resin and glass, etc.
Micro Peelers-Large (3pcs) MPE-4 for cutting materials such as resin and glass (can use for manual manipulation)
Micro Peelers Set, MPE-1/2/4, each 1pc (3pcs) MPE-SET Micro Peelers(MPE-1/2/4) each 1pc
Knife Edges (3pcs) KE-1 for pinpoint cutting of resin, etc.
Knife Edges S (3pcs) KE-2 for pinpoint cutting of resin, etc.
Hard Tools Set (3pcs) HT-SET Probes(CP-005),
Knife Edges(KE-1),
Micro Peelers(MPE-1)
each 1pcs
Microfork (2pcs) MF-1 for marking
Metal Probes Handle
For manual manipulation TPH-3
Pin-vice type TPH-10  For manipulator