Vacuum Adsorption Tool Set

Easy pick-up by adsorption and discharge function

It is the vacuum tweezers system equipped with the suction and discharge (discharge pressure regulation mechanism built-in) function.
The set can pick up and release 10μm size subject easily with I.D. 5μm size micropipette.
When the button of a hand handle is pushed, it is a gadget which also becomes micro Blois.
On top of that, adjustment of discharge pressure can also be simplified in adjustment of a main part knob.
If a tip nozzle is exchanged, you can use as vacuum tweezers with human-hands. There are various kinds of nozzle in our line-up, so please contact us.


  • Handling tiny particle using VP-SET
  • ■Possible to adsorb and release10μm size particle.
  • ■Turn on main switch in case of adsorbing particle.
  • ■Push a button in case of using blowing function like this picture.
  • ■If a tip nozzle is exchanged, it can also be used as vacuum tweezers.
  • ■Attached micropipette with the pipette holder.

vp-set-2_002 vp-set-2_003 vp-set-2_004 vp-set-2_005
An about 10μm foreignsubstance Adsorption movement can be carried out. Where a switch is turned on, it is suction, but it will become a blower if a button is pushed. If a tip nozzle is exchanged, it can use also as vacuum tweezers. The state which attached micropipette to the pipette holder


Vacuum Adsorption Tool Set VP-SET2 pump, pipette handle,
adsorption / discharge handle,
and micropipettes set (5μm, 10μm, 20μm each 2pcs)