Glass Tool

Description and Features

  • Glass-made micro-pipette/ micro-sampling tool/ micro-press tool
  • Pipettes with inner diameters of 5μm/10μm/20μm can be used for sample suction and transfer using a vacuum absorption tool set or for solvent absorption/releasing using a micro-injector, ensuring secure sampling of challenging fibrous or spherical foreign substances.
  • Micro-sampling tools are used to lift out FIB-processed thin films. The success rate of lift-out is greatly improved by attaching the “high-precision rotator“.
  • Micro-press tools are innovative: able to press collected samples to thin layers while providing visual confirmation. It enables the reduction of thick samples to an analytically suitable thickness when used with Axis Pro series.

Application Video


■Handling tiny particle

■Adsorb and release pico-liter liquid


Application Information

  • Quantitative absorption/release of small liquid volumes (using a micro-injector).
  • Lift-out and transfer of thin films processed by FIB (using a high-precision rotator).
  • Pickup of minute samples (using a vacuum absorption tool set).
  • Thin layering of collected samples (approximately 1-50μm in size) using micro-press tools.


Micro Pipettes (variation)

I.D. 5μm (10pcs) MP-005 Capillary
I.D. 10μm (10pcs) MP-010 Same as above
I.D. 20μm (10pcs) MP-020 Same as above
MP-005/-010/-020 each 2pcs MP-SET Micro-pipettes set


Bent type micro pipette

I.D. 5μm (10pcs), bend:15 degrees MP-005-15 For access to a micro-hole,for short W.D. microscope
I.D. 5μm (10pcs), bend:30 degrees MP-005-30 Same as above
I.D. 5μm (10pcs), bend:90 degrees MP-005-90 For FIB lift-out
I.D. 10μm (10pcs), bend:15 degrees MP-010-15 For access to a micro-hole,for short W.D. microscope
I.D. 10μm (10pcs), bend:30 degrees MP-010-30 Same as above
I.D. 20μm (10pcs), bend:15 degrees MP-020-15 Same as above
I.D. 20μm (10pcs), bend:30 degrees MP-020-30 Same as above


Micro Sampling Tools

Tip inside diameter 2μm (10pcs) MST-002 For FIB lift-ou
Tip inside diameter 5μm (10pcs) MST-005 Same as above
Tip inside diameter 7μm (10pcs) MST-007 Same as above


Micro Press Tools

A Tip is special processing (3pcs) MPT For samples press


Micro Pipettes Handles

For vacuum pickup MPH Use for manipulator