Axis Pro Manual prober

Axis Pro - Manual Prober Model

Main Features

  • Manageable and easy positioning, reducing the workload for operators even for extended usage.
  • The zoom microscope enables magnification change while maintaining the working distance.
  • Needle positioning on wirings of ~1µm can be achieved at a maximum magnification of 6000x.
  • It features an active vibration isolation table as standard equipment, ensuring stability unaffected by vibrations.
  • The microscope’s moving mechanism allows for measurements between two distant points.
  • Programs for continuous needle positioning can also be integrated.
  • The electrode holder allows for the attachment of our recommended products or provided accessories.
  • Full customization is available to optimize the system for user-specific work.
  • Electrical measurement equipment is not included.

Set Unit

  • Axis Pro Standard Unit
  • Microscope XY Transfer Stage
  • Probing Electrode Holder
  • Customized Software
  • Active Vibration Isolation Table