Tungsten carbide tool

Tungsten carbide tool

Description and Features

  • Multi-purpose hard metal probes suitable for poking, breaking in between substances, cutting, scraping, marking, and more. It is available in various shapes e.g., probe, knife, scraper, and fork.
  • 5μm probes allow for precise cutting of hard materials like metal, silicon wafers, and glass, as well as marking targets before FIB processing.
  • Micro-peelers, with their sculpting knife-like tips, offer a wide range of material compatibility, suitable for flat-surface cutting of polymer like high-barrier films, as well as removing small embedded particles, eliminating micro-protrusions, pinpoint cutting of IC bonding wires, and cutting tiny wires.
  • Knife-edged probes are effective for collecting foreign substances embedded in tablets and extracting foreign objects buried in non-ferrous metals, hard plastics, etc. It can also be used for ultra-fine marking.

Product Information

■Marking on hard material Possible to mark <5μm line width

■Marking on PE resin sheet


  • Cut and explore embedded foreign substances in resin e.g., ~5μm foreign substance
  • Surface condition check of specific areas e.g.,determine hardness, presence on the surface or embedded
  • Removal of inconvenient surrounding protrusions in ATR measurements. Target marking of FIB processing areas e.g when laser markers are unavailable.
  • Marking on metals, silicon wafers, glass, etc. (with intervals of ≥3μm)
  • Removal and repair of foreign substances adhered to or embedded in the surface of electronic devices (≥5μm).
  • Isolation of foreign substances that have infiltrated flexible substrates
  • Incremental scraping while observing protrusions (approximately 10-100μm).

Lineup Hard-Metal Tools (usage)

Probes, tip diameter 5μm (5pcs) CP-005 Marking of a hard sample, etc.
Micro Peelers (3pcs) MPE-1 for cutting material such as resin and glass, etc.
Micro Peelers-Medium (3pcs) MPE-2 for cutting material such as resin and glass, etc.
Micro Peelers-Large (3pcs) MPE-4 for cutting materials such as resin and glass (can use for manual manipulation)
Micro Peelers Set, MPE-1/2/4, each 1pc (3pcs) MPE-SET Micro Peelers(MPE-1/2/4) each 1pc
Knife Edges (3pcs) KE-1 for pinpoint cutting of resin, etc.
Knife Edges S (3pcs) KE-2 for pinpoint cutting of resin, etc.
Hard Tools Set (3pcs) HT-SET Probes(CP-005),
Knife Edges(KE-1),
Micro Peelers(MPE-1)
each 1pcs
Microfork (2pcs) MF-1 for marking

Lineup Metal Probes Handle

For manual manipulation TPH-3  
Pin-vice type TPH-10 For manipulator