Tungsten probe

Tungsten probe

Description and Features

  • For a wide range of purposes, such as poking, rubbing, scraping, picking up, and probing substances
  • Wide variety of tip diameters from 0.2μm to 30μm to satisfy different sampling requirements
  • The 10μm and 30μm probes are flexible and robust, ideal for manual operations.
  • The 0.2μm or 0.5μm probes enable sampling of previously challenging extremely tiny objects and thin films using microscope-integrated or standalone micromanipulators.
  • Use our “Probe Bender” for custom tip bending.
  • We offer handles for both manipulators and handheld operations depending on your preference.

Product Information

■Substance on a surface Picking up a substance & transferring it

■Collect few-um size substances

■Pick-up buried foreign substance in resin.(5μm)
■Isolation of foreign substance on film (~1μm)
■Shaving foreign substance on glass, and then isolating it. (thickness  ~1μm)
■Pick-up foreign substance on the surface of the metal. (thickness ~1μm)
■Investigation of surface situation to touch them 
■Isolating object on the side of a minute level difference. (1~5μm)
■Pick-up tiny object in a tiny hole.(1~5μm)
■Isolating foreign substance on a trap of the filter. (1~5μm)
■Marking a resin or analytical disks like KBr
■Probing on a minute pad.

Lineup Tungsten Probes (variation)

Tip diameter 0.2μm (10 pcs) TP-0002 For ≤2um foreign substances
Tip diameter 0.5μm (25 pcs) TP-0005 For ≤5μm substances
Tip diameter 1μm (25 pcs) TP-001 For ≮5μm substances
Tip diameter 5μm (25 pcs) TP-005 Can be used for manual manipulation
Tip diameter 10μm (25 pieces) TP-010 Can be used for manual manipulation
Tip diameter 30μm (25 pcs) TP-030 Can be used for manual manipulation
0.5,1,10,30μm, each 3pcs TP-SET Tungsten Probes Set

Lineup Metal Probes Handle

For manual manipulation TPH-3  
Pin-vice type TPH-10 Use for manipulator