Milling Pro

Easy and precise micro-cutting using manipulatorsCatalog and leaflet

Catalog and leaflet


  • Milling Pro MIL-1 cuts foreign objects embedded in materials like resin, a task which was too difficult.
  • When attached to our micromanipulators (APFC/ APSS), Milling Pro enables cutting objects buried at depth of 2-300 µm with real-time visual monitoring
  • The Milling Pro kit includes dedicated cutting tools with various cutting area and depth controls.
  • Milling Pro is an adjustable/flexible cutting tool that can be used for a wide range of materials, including resin, glass, silicon wafers, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and rocks.





Product Information

Depth cutting: surface removal

  • Micro IR (microscopic IR) and thinning of foreign particles embedded in resin material
  • Flat cutting of embedded foreign substances (preparation for ATR measurements)
  • Micron-level step cutting of thin film on resin surface
  • Flat cutting of a wide range of surfaces at a fixed depth (from 50µm square)
  • Marking on glass, wafer, and metal samples (for FIB processing)
  • Pinpoint cutting of IC packages and LCD panel encapsulation materials
  • Contact with internal defect (sample pretreatment for X-ray microscopy or ruler drawing on an IC chip)


PMMA, Polyimide, Polycarbonate,
Surface of slide glass, Aluminum A5052 Anodized, High-carbon chromium steel


Controller unit 85(W)×290(D)×140(H)mm, 3kg
Milling unit φ28×140(L)mm, 0.2kg
Power supply AC100~230V 50/60Hz
Rated power consumption 25VA


Milling Pro

MIL-1 Use for our manipulator

Special tools

Micro Peelers MPE-1M tungsten carbide, tip size 50μm
Micro Peelers MPE-2M tungsten carbide, tip size 100μm
Tungsten carbide Probes CP-M Needle, tip diameter 10μm
Tungsten Probes TP-M Needle, tip diameter 0.5μm
Milling tools set MILT-SET Four above-mentioned kinds of tools were combined.