Probe Bender

Useful accessory for bending tungsten probe by specific angleCatalog and leaflet

Catalog and leaflet

Useful for situations where the object needs to be placed in a deep position and the standard tungsten probe cannot reach the surface under normal operation.
●Easy setting
●Place tungsten probe in position and close the cover as shown below.
●Possible to change angle by replacing another block.
●The accessory with Axis Pro can operate samplings which have never been operated.



Use of Probe Bender

1. Place one or two tungsten probes in holder
2. Set guide plate
3. Close cover slowly and press lightly with finger.
(You will hear a faint sound when tungsten probe is bent.)
4. Open cover to remove bent probes.

Main specification

・Accepts tungsten probe manufactured by Micro Support
・Size of tungsten probe length 40mm × outside diameter 0.6mm
・Bend angle Set 15° or 30°(adjustment by thim, to)
・Bend position~3mm or ~5mm from tip
・Bend CapacityCapable of bending 2 tungsten probes at the same time


Probe Bender PB-1 Accepts tungsten probe manufactured by Micro Support