Quick Pro

Stand-alone Micromanipulator


Seamless hand-operated feel with just a PC mouse click

Quick Pro Features

  • Effortless tasks without fatigue: Utilize XYZ three-axis operation with a PC mouse for precise and smooth movements
  • Seamless integration: Easily set up the system alongside stereomicroscopes and metallurgical microscopes, eliminating the need for a PC
  • Enhanced capabilities: Achieve precise cutting with our “Milling Pro” attachment (MIL-1) and versatile handling with our “Micro Tweezers” (MTW-1).
  • Customizable operations: Optimize work by freely combining right and left-handed operation based on the task’s purpose and frequency





Manipulators X-axis:20mm Y-axis:20mm Z-axis:30mm
The tool handle(φ4mm) can be clamped.
Stand(Manipulators) Magnet stand
With steel plate(100x100 mm)
※Please consult about other fixation methods.
Electric XY-stage X-axis:100mm Y-axis:50mm
User interface controller 5 Speed adjustment of four stages
10 Position memory function
Jog-drive or Incremental-drive function
PC-mouse operation
Power supply AC100-230V 50/60Hz
Power dissipation more than 350VA


QP-3RH Right arm set
QP-3LH Left arm set
QP-3RLH Right & Left arms
QP-3RLH-EXY Right & Left arms, Electric XY-stage