Marking system with microscope D-MARK

Pinpoint Marking System D-MARK Product ConfigurationCatalog and leaflet

Catalog and leaflet

Summary of function

●Desktop type marking system before sample analysis
●Observe object at micro area under objective lens, and then diamond penetrator marks the point automatically.
●By using Pulsed mode, damage of sample caused by this system is much less than one caused by Laser making system and there are no debris by the operation of the system.
●There are several different types of marking pattern like Dot, Cross, Vertical line, Diamond and others.
●Contact sensor detects surface position more reliably.
●Tiling function provides wide image area and record a picture of the wide image.
●Input number to mark suitable size freely.
●Record image and measure distance between 2 points  or diameter of circle.




Product number DMARK-1 DMARK-2
Types 2 types of diamond penetrator 1 type of diamond penetrator
Configuration D-MARK mainbody, MC104Controller, Exclusive 15.6type note PC