High-Precision Rotator

Achieve high-precision posture control Catalog and leaflet

Catalog and leaflet

Description and Features

  • A useful tool rotation mechanism for lifting out thin sections processed by FIB.
  • Adding rotational operation simplifies delicate position control in the micromanipulator’s 3D motion.
  • Compatible with AxisPro FC, AxisPro SS, and QuickPro micromanipulators for easy installation. In addition to glass probes for lifting out, it is also ideal for foreign object sampling purposes when equipped with tungsten probes or hard metal tools.


Product Information

■FIB Lift-out Posture control and deliver (10 micro meters)

■Lift out a foil made by FIB (Delivery to mesh of TEM)

■Posture control of gathered particle (To the AFM cantilever)

■The direction and angle adjustment when particle is delivered to analysis disk

■Confirmation of the small amount particle that adheres on the back side of the tool

Tools that can be installed

Usage Micro tools Model
FIB lift out Sampling Probes MST-002,005,007
Foreign substance sampling Tungsten Probes TP-0005,001,005,010,030
Milling or Cutting Hard-Metal Tools MPE-1,2,4 / CP-005 / KE-1,2


HPR-2 Use for “AxisPro” or “QuickPro” (For either Right Hand or Left Hand)