Description and Features

  • Versatile knives made of SUS (stainless steel) and ruby, suitable for cutting, incising, scraping, and notching substances. Different shapes are offered such as single-edge, double-edge, and scraper blades.
  • We offer single-edge, double-edge, and flat-edge types optimized for manipulation purposes.
  • The single-edge type allows pinpoint cutting of high polymer films and similar materials.
  • The double-edge type is effective for excavating buried foreign objects using its tip.
  • The ruby flat-edge type is recommended for inclined cutting of buried foreign objects, facilitating their exposure and continuous sectioning.


■Surface cross-section of embedded substances. Removal of unnecessary parts

■Excavation, isolation and delivery of embedded substances

Application Information

  • Incision and sectioning (approximately ≥5μm
  • Specific area cutting of films (~50μm) for a thickness of ~10μm
  • Samples resizing of strips being cut using a microtome
  • Removing hard adhesions on glass
  • Exposing embedded foreign substances (for ATR measurements with IR microscopes)
  • Cutting long cellulose strips to be transferred to analysis disks
  • Handling of large foreign substances (≥100μm)
  • Thin sectioning of hair samples


Micro Knives (variation)

Made by SUS, Single edged 15 degrees (5pcs) MK-S15 Precision knives
Made by SUS, Single edged 30 degrees (5pcs) MK-S30 Precision knives
made by SUS, double edged (5pcs) MK-D Precision knives



For SUS knives MKH Use for manipulator
For manual manipulation MKH-2  

Ruby Knives

It is an overly precision knives made from ruby.
Since it will be hard to generate a shadow if it is used very much for excision of a detailed portion etc., workability rises sharply.


Ruby Knives (variation)

Made from Ruby, Single Edge, 30 degrees (1 pc) RK-S30 Sharpness serious consideration
Made from Ruby, Double Edge (1 pc) RK-D Pinpoint cutting
Made from Ruby, Flat Edge W:50μm (1 pc) RK-50SC Thin piece cutting
Made from Ruby, Flat Edge W:500μm (1 pc) RK-C Thin piece cutting


Ruby Knives Handles

For Ruby Knives TPH-20 Use for manipulator