Micro-tweezer Tool Set

Remote-controlled micro tweezers for precise microscopic manipulationCatalog and leaflet

Catalog and leaflet

Description and Features

  • Designed for easy grasping and sampling of small objects ≥20µm that are difficult to manipulate due to hand tremor.
  • Ideal for retrieving foreign substances attached to adhesives or extracting fibers.
  • The ~30μm fine tip can be easily controlled for opening/closing by turning the knob.
  • Compatible with our integrated microscope miciromanipulators, including Axis Pro and Quick Pro series
  • The dedicated precision tweezers can be easily detached, making cleaning of the tip simple.



Product Information

Contamination in adhesive material Grasp a subject and delivery

Handling electric parts


MTW-1 Holding collection of foreign substance(include two tweezers)